Demetrio's Background


Demetrio Gonzalez-Hoy moved to the United States at 14 years old from Puebla, Mexico with his parents. At the time, his school and district were not equipped to support and English language learner but teachers at his school helped him. Demetrio shares that he owes his success to his teachers and loved ones. Demetrio became a bilingual teacher in WCCUSD in 2013 and started his advocacy for his students who were English language learners like he was. Through that advocacy, he became involved in School Board elections and in United Teachers of Richmond, the local teachers union.


Demetrio is a current Union REP with the California Teachers Association. Demetrio taught in WCCUSD at Bayview Elementary School as a 3rd grade bilingual teacher and is also the former President of the United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA (UTR). Demetrio was elected for this position in 2016 and served for two terms. UTR represents over 1650 educators in WCCUSD.


In the last four years as part of UTR, Demetrio has worked to create a union that cares about issues affecting education outside of the usual negotiations such as the impact of funding, social justice issues, and statewide issues. UTR has branched out to be the voice for teachers in the community and has created many community relationships. UTR under Demetrio’s leadership has authored several resolutions including the Positive Climate Resolution, Safe Haven district resolution, Support for Schools and Communities First Initiative, and many others which affects our students and families. Demetrio believes that through policy, community involvement, transparency and communication we’ll be able to change the academic outcomes for all students in WCCUSD


Demetrio has supported various successful school board campaigns in the last 8 years. He's also co-chaired the Measure T campaign for the current 10 million dollar parcel tax and the 2020 Measure R $575 Million dollar School Bond. 


UTR recently settled their three year contract for 2018-2021 with WCCUSD. This contract took over a year and it took the salaries for educators from the lowest in the Contra Costa County to a competitive level. It also create an impact on class sizes, provide maternity/paternity paid leave for educators, create a better system for transfers, and add stronger language that will improve education in WCCUSD. Demetrio also helped in finding ways to lessen the burden on student and teachers on budgetary issues that WCCUSD is currently facing. 


The three things Demetrio is most proud in his tenure leading UTR is the relationship between district staff and the union to a more positive and solution orientated approach, the most recent contract negotiations, and the connections/work in the community.


Demetrio currently lives in Richmond with his wife Alyssa who is a 3rd generation teacher in WCCUSD and their dog Clover.